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“In the Stillness”

In the stillness,
I find…
refuge from the relentless demands
and distractions of modern life,
a chance to step off the treadmill,
shed unnecessary layers,
and slip into a deeper, truer current
space for my spirit to unfurl
her magnificent wings
and soar above the mundane details of daily life,
so many treasures that fell by the wayside
as I was hurrying along,
trying in vain to keep up.
In the stillness, a calm pool where I can clearly see my own reflection,
and the reflection of something much greater than myself.

By – Kai Siedenburg
From the Book – “Space Between the Stones”

“Moving Forward”

If you want to move forward skillfully, slow down.
Allow your body and mind to settle…
like a soft feather floating down through layers of busy thoughts and
until at last you find yourself
resting in that deep, still place
where you can sense wisdom flowing
like an underground river.
Sit by the River,
drink deeply,
and your path will be clear.

By – Kai Siedenburg
From the Book – “Poems of Earth and Spirit”

A Human, Being

Slowly, Gently, Softly.
Not hurrying.
Not pushing.
Not trying to accomplish anything or go anywhere.
Not trying to be better, stronger, or smarter.
Not striving to attain anything – even enlightenment.
Just being…
holding still so I can find myself.
Holding still so the spirit can find me.

A Special Day

Today is a very special day.
today we celebrate sun and rain,
light and dark, the cycles of life, the great turning of the wheel.
today we celebrate every leaf on every tree,
every feather on every bird, every drop of water in every stream.
we celebrate green growing ones, and winged ones,
two legged and four legged
who walk, crawl, swim, or fly.
we celebrate each breath of air, each morsel of food,
each beat of our hearts, each healthy cell.
we celebrate the profound miracle of being alive
in this body, in this moment, on this planet.
Today, like every other day.

Coming Home

After a long and sometimes difficult journey,
I have finally arrived at the place that was waiting for me all along –
I have come home to myself.
My spirit guides gather round, wrap a warm shawl around my shoulders
and say,
“welcome home, child – we’ve been waiting for you.”
now that I’m finally here,
I wonder why it took so long – it all seems so simple now.
but every step on that long and winding path
helped bring me home to this place.