Trek Leadership Cafe

Trek Leadership Cafe is an energetic, small group executive coaching experience for young professionals. These YP learning communities are designed to give organizations and HR departments a competitive edge in building their brand with YPs, while helping to attract, develop and retain their next generation of leaders. Facilitated by a Trek Executive Coach, the three-month, six-session leadership program includes peer coaching and gives your future leaders tips and tools to grow and excel within your organization. Sample topics include strengthening interpersonal communication skills, increasing productivity and ensuring personal wellness at work. These programs are typically held offsite in creative venues such as coffee shops and art galleries, and include gifts and “cafe bites” - small tips and resources to enrich the experience. Click to view a video about Trek Leadership Cafe!


The Everything DiSC online behavioral assessment is a powerful tool that helps professionals create more productive and enjoyable relationships through insights into their own needs, and the needs of others. Used by Fortune 500 companies for more than 30 years, this assessment helps you understand the “why” behind the words and actions of others, aiding to the creation of more meaningful connections and more engaging work environments. Working with a Trek Executive Coach, leaders take an online Everything DiSC Workplace behavioral assessment. Once the assessment has been completed, a customized report is generated and a Trek executive coach meets with the leader for 90 minutes to review and interpret results. Using this data, your coach provides guidance on how to leverage the information at work.

1:1 Executive Coaching

We strive to make a positive, sustainable difference in the lives of our clients. Our experienced, senior-level Trek executive coaches work with clients during a six-month engagement. We meet with clients twice a month for ninety minutes and work toward specific, measurable goals. Whether you’re new to your position, seeking advancement in your career, looking to increase your productivity, or strengthening your interpersonal communication skills, we have a team of coaches who can help you. While we use a university-certified coaching process, each engagement is customized. Using actual projects at work, such as upcoming conversations, meetings and presentations, we practice new approaches to solving problems and leveraging opportunities. Leaders can expect to start seeing results soon after the engagement begins, finding greater clarity, increased productivity, enjoyment and engagement with their managers and teams. We have unique offerings including access to a golden retriever therapy dog for area (Cincinnati) leaders, and complimentary sessions with a certified Wellness coach and Corporate Image consultant.


All companies strive to create the most hospitable and productive work environment for their employees. A Team DiSC program is a great first step in fostering this environment, by helping to understand and fulfill the needs of all team members. Within this program, an individual report and a 1:1 coaching session is provided for each team member. The team leader is provided with a DiSC Team Culture report and a 1:1 coaching/interpretation session with a Trek executive coach. The culmination of the program is a 2.5 hour facilitated session with all members of the team to create team agreements, action steps, and a sustainability plan. Given the expedited increase in workplace satisfaction and engagement teams will experience, this is one of our most popular offerings at Trek Executive Coaching.