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Trek Executive Coaching offers traditional 1:1 executive coaching engagements, as well as outdoor coaching sessions for individuals and teams. Click on SERVICES for details.

Meet Our Founder & Coach

Connect with Pam:

Pam Lowe Cho

Founder & Principal of Trek Coaching Outdoors

Pam has been coaching senior business leaders and early-career professionals since 2009. Previously, Pam spent 20+ years as a corporate communications officer with two Fortune 500 companies, managed an international trade association, and served in The White House.

Pam received a certification as a forest therapy guide through the ANFT (Association of Nature & Forest Therapy), and enjoys providing outdoor settings for coaching sessions with her clients.

When not on the trails, Pam and her husband enjoy traveling, playing pickleball, cooking for friends and family and volunteering with their certified therapy dog, a rescue golden retriever from GRRAND named “Robert.”

Our Core Values

Our core values are the heart of what we do, and why we do it. They allow us to stay grounded in “the more-than-human world” and connect with professionals in the outdoors. We strive to reflect these values and beliefs in all we do.

Praise From Our Clients

“Today’s program was a mountain top experience because of the intentionality of the conversations. I highly recommend it.”


“After months of working from home, I got a complete reset by spending time in nature.”


“Through the questioning and the group activities, you’ll learn how to fold it into your everyday life.”


“This experience soothed my soul and energized me in a short period of time. It was truly a gift to be here today.”


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