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Trek Leadership Cafe

This 3-month program is designed to give organizations and HR departments a competitive edge in helping to attract, develop and retain young professionals. The program includes useful tips and tools to excel within your organization. Click to view video.



The Everything DiSC online behavioral assessment is a powerful tool employed to help professionals create more productive and enjoyable relationships through insights into their own needs, and the needs of others.


1:1 Executive Coaching

Whether looking to increase productivity, advance your career, or strengthen your interpersonal skills, our team of coaches will work with you to practice new approaches to solving problems and leverage business opportunities.



All companies strive to create productive work environments for employees. Team DiSC Assessments are a great first step to fostering a positive atmosphere, by helping to understand and fulfill the needs of all team members.

What they're saying about Trek Leadership Cafe:

The Trek Team


Pam Lowe Cho

Pam is the founder of Trek Executive coaching and has extensive senior-level business experience including tenures with three Fortune 500 companies, The White House and an international trade association.


Mary Beth Molloy

Mary Beth has a deep understanding of what it takes to elevate the performance of leaders and business results. Nearly three decades as a business executive has honed her ability to help each leader experience success.


Beth Planzer Montanus

Having the discipline of a clinical counselor and expertise of a board certified executive coach, Beth approaches her coaching practice from a unique perspective, yielding powerful results for her clients.


Curt Stoll

With nearly four decades of global, senior-level experience in HR, operations and business strategy with some of the nation’s most respected corporations, Curt leverages his unique insights and training to help leaders leverage strengths and expand influence.


Sam Metcalf

Sam joined Trek Executive Coaching as Manager of Communications in December 2016, with special interests in digital design, typography, interpersonal communication and social media.



Robert is a 2-yr old therapy dog from GRRAND golden retriever rescue group in Louisville, KY. Robert loves his work at Trek Executive Coaching and enjoys being with clients who request his company during coaching sessions.

Clients Served

Trek has had the privilege of working with leaders from many top companies.

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