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 Core Practices for Managers


A coaching client and I recently reviewed how he was communicating with his direct reports.

I want to share with you the steps we took that increased his effectiveness and enhanced his  reputation as a manager and communicator.

By simply asking for input , and working with his team and incorporating subtle changes, his team got on the same page and knew what was expected of them.

Here are the steps he took with his team:

 SURVEY – He collected feedback from his team by talking with each person and asking for input on his current frequency, duration, content and method of communication being used.  

 Using the feedback, he made the following improvements:

FREQUENCY – his team wanted to meet more frequently to get updates on how the company and their team was performing. They increased the frequency of team meetings to every week instead of every other week.

DURATION – the meetings were shortened to 30 minutes, rather than 60 minutes.

TEAM MTG AGENDA – The team worked together to create a meeting template that was used each week to ensure the useful information was exchanged. Meeting agendas and action lists are uploaded into a shared team folder. 

FACILITATION – the team started rotating the responsibility of running the meeting. The team lead opens each meeting with a welcome, provides a brief overview of new information then turns it over to the designated team member. This person is also responsible for bringing a new article, podcast, video, etc. to the meeting to keep the team up to date on trends in their industry. The team shares appreciations and recognitions , and the team lead closes by reviewing action steps.

OTHER TIPS for LEADERS: If you have to cancel a meeting or communication, reschedule immediately and communicate the new date.  

Continue to solicit feedback on what’s working and not working in terms of how you’re communicating with your team, your manager and other key stakeholders.


My client found that by seeking feedback and providing communications that helped his team perform their jobs, they became more engaged, were more productive and he had fewer interruptions and questions for the team lead during the day.


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