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In recent weeks, my executive coaching clients have been asking me for new tools to use in managing their day-to-day work as they’re navigating uncharted waters. 

“How do I quiet my brain to make tough decisions, juggle kids in and around my workspace, keep my team members engage and motivated, delegate without micromanaging, separate work and my personal life” are just a few of the topics we’re talking about.


This leadership blog is designed to provide the same resources for you that I’m sharing with my coaching clients.   It’s been designed to be a place of encouragement with practical, actionable leadership tools.  Whether you’re leading a team of 100, or a future leader managing your own scope of responsibility, I hope you will find this will be helpful to you.

Like many of you, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced me to move my all of my business online. The new model of coaching & training using video from home has been invigorating, but I have to smile when I think about some of the challenges of working from my home office, living room and kitchen.

 More than one client has had to wait while I silenced our barking golden retriever, others have endured my large orange cat sitting on the back of my chair, and some have had to find patience while my husband rebooted our router after a dropped connection.

But here’s what I’m most excited about:  Each day I get to choose to take a blank canvas, breathe in the air of possibility, find new ways to bring my life/work experience and executive coaching resources to even more people around the world. 

 When we come from a place of abundance and gratitude, our work becomes more meaningful and more productive.  Science shows when we do this, our brains  are more open to listening, processing, connecting and designing solutions.

I hope you will find that same spirit of abundance here, and come back to read future blog posts. We’ll be covering topics that include inter-personal communications, how to prioritize your time, delegate without micromanaging, keep teams engaged, grow as a professional, and stay healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.

Again, I’m delighted to have you in the Trek Executive Coaching community, and look forward to walking with you on your leadership journey.


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