Curt Stoll

Leadership Coach

About Curt

Curt Stoll knows that the best way for leaders to achieve their goals is to realize what their strengths are, and capitalize on those abilities. With nearly four decades of global, senior-level experience working in HR, operations and business strategy with some of the nation’s most respected corporations, Curt has used his unique insights and training to work alongside leaders.

Curt helps helps each client discover how they work best, recognize their weaknesses and focus on behaviors that will enable success. This long term focus helps his clients create greater meaning in their careers

“Coaching is not about ‘fixing’ a leader, but instead helping them develop through their existing areas of strength. I am the beneficiary of a wide range of business experiences, including both successes and mistakes. I now enjoy sharing that experience and bolstering leaders in a way that will help them define their success and build their own definition of significance.”

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