Beth Planzer Montanus

Board Certified Coach

About Beth

Having the discipline of a clinical counselor and expertise of a board certified executive coach, Beth Planzer Montanus approaches her coaching practice from a unique perspective, yielding powerful results for her clients.

With nearly two decades of experience as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Beth has a deep understanding of the pressures present in today’s business environment. Through increased emotional intelligence, strong leadership and improved communication skills, professionals attain success at work while maintaining a healthy balance at work and in life. This passion was a key driver in her transition from counseling to full-time executive coaching.

“Clients come to me with challenges at work – demanding positions, stressful situations, strained relationships and unhappiness at work. I’ve found the combination of my background in clinical counseling and executive coaching accelerates a leader’s ability to achieve success, both personally and professionally.”

Beth has coached professionals at all levels, including senior executives, managers and young professionals across a variety of industries.

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