Effective Communications  Core Practices for Managers   A coaching client and I recently reviewed how he was communicating with his direct reports. I want to share with you the steps we took that increased his effectiveness and enhanced his  reputation as a manager and communicator. By simply asking for input , and working with […]


  THE POWER OF APPRECIATION  I attended my college graduation ceremony in Michigan on a Saturday, drove to Washington DC on Sunday and started my first job at a public relations firm in Washington, DC on Monday.  Little did I know I was about to learn an important leadership lesson that has stayed with me […]

WELCOME! In recent weeks, my executive coaching clients have been asking me for new tools to use in managing their day-to-day work as they’re navigating uncharted waters.  “How do I quiet my brain to make tough decisions, juggle kids in and around my workspace, keep my team members engage and motivated, delegate without micromanaging, separate […]